Using qualitative methods to understand the local meaning of women’s empowerment in Ethiopia

This blog was written by Dr. Susan Kaaria, Senior Gender Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, Italy. Susan is member of the Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project Phase 2 (GAAP2) External Advisory Committee, and works on one of the projects in the GAAP2 portfolio, the UN Joint Programme >> Read more

Land Matters for Women: Devex Campaign

When talking about asset ownership and control for smallholder farmers, land is one of the most important assets to consider. Owning, operating and controling land can influence food security, gender relations, the environment, economic development, conflict resolution, and transparency, among other things. Throughout September, the international development news and business site, Devex, is running a campaign entitled "Land Matters", which will highlight >> Read more

Workshop on Gender and Assets

Last Thursday, the World Bank hosted a workshop with new evidence on gender and access to assets from the Gender and Asset Gap project implemented in three countries (Ghana, Ecuador and Karnataka, India). The project documented a gender asset gap and its impacts on agricultural decision-making, domestic violence, and household decision-making. Findings from the new >> Read more