Qualitative Tools

A key feature of GAAP2 is combining qualitative and quantitative research to gain a better understanding of the conditions of poverty and women’s disempowerment, validate the pro-WEAI domains, and understand the linkages between project interventions and outcomes in terms of women’s empowerment.

A set of qualitative tools is being developed that will guide projects on the types of qualitative research to do and ensure comparability across projects. During a "qualitative summit," GAAP2 researchers reviewed the major questions that the GAAP2 project will address and identified those that require qualitative research. This summit led to the development of the following research instruments, which projects can adapt according to their context and needs:

  • Community profile
  • Seasonality patterns
  • Focus group: Local understanding of empowerment
  • Semi-structured interview: Life histories
  • Key informant interview: Market traders
  • Key informant interview: Project staff