Project name: Targeting and Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition (TRAIN)

Institutions: BRAC and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Country: Bangladesh

Description: This project addresses undernutrition among women and children using a three-pronged approach:

Source: BRAC

  1. Increasing the availability of and access to a more diverse diet, either directly via increasing production diversity of poor rural producers or indirectly via increased incomes
  2. Improving child feeding, health, and sanitation practices through a behavior change communication component (BCC)
  3. Focusing on empowering women directly by facilitating greater control over agricultural credit and indirectly by sensitizing their husbands to support them in their productive and reproductive tasks

Women and men will receive training together on nutrition sensitive agriculture to foster women’s greater involvement (through greater knowledge) and confidence in decision-making and investments (in terms of money and time) in agricultural production.


Project goal        


 Commodity focus