Project name: Impact evaluation of the Bangladesh Agricultural Value Chains (AVC) program

Institutions: Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Country: Bangladesh

Source: William Levine/AVC

Source: William Levine/AVC

Description: The Bangladesh Agricultural Value Chains project is working to increase agricultural output and income and improve food and nutrition security through strengthened agricultural value chains. Interventions in this project include training aimed to build farmers’ capacity to use improved seed varieties and cultivation practices along with basic training on gender and nutrition issues and provision of promotional discounts to incentivize technology adoption.

The impact evaluation study will focus on one food (mung beans) and one nonfood (jute) value chain with comparable attributes and growing patterns. In both value chains, women’s empowerment in agriculture can potentially increase through a more significant role in post-harvest activities. A primary objective of the impact evaluation is to understand how specific interventions affect agricultural production, dietary change, nutrition, and women’s empowerment within the producer households.


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