Project name: Deploying improved vegetable technologies to overcome malnutrition and poverty

Institutions: World Vegetable Center

Country: Mali

Source: Caroline Sobgui/AVRDC

Source: Caroline Sobgui/WorldVeg

Description: The goal of this product is to reduce malnutrition, particularly child malnutrition, through diet diversification via the promotion of production and consumption of vegetables as affordable sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

A mechanism will be created to systematically engage women in organized platforms that connect them to the accelerated deployment and use of market-oriented and diet-enhancing improved vegetable technologies. Also, training will be provided on home gardening and nutrition, as well as water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices. The project will also conduct community mobilization activities with local stakeholders, men, and grandmothers.

The study will evaluate the impact of the intervention on women’s empowerment and dietary diversity and identify and address gender gaps and possible bottlenecks in implementation.


Project goal        


 Commodity focus