iDE Ghana

Project name: Small-scale irrigation and women's empowerment in northern Ghana

Institutions: International Development Enterprises (iDE) Ghana and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Country: Ghana

Source: Dawit Mekonnen/IFPRI

Source: Dawit Mekonnen/IFPRI

Description: Small-scale irrigation offers the potential to expand production and thus the availability of food during the lean season, which would benefits income, food security, nutrition, and health. During the rainy season, irrigation can reduce production risks from inadequate rainfall.

In this project, women are given access to motor pumps, training, and access to credit and other agricultural inputs. Since women are responsible for dry season farming, the introduction of motor pumps will directly empower women by improving their access to and control over productive assets. It will also allow women to produce more high-value crops, which will increase income.


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 Commodity focus