Grameen Foundation

Project name: Building resilience of vulnerable communities in Burkina Faso

Institutions: Grameen Foundation, Brigham Young University

Country: Burkina Faso

Source: Cassie Chandler/Freedom From Hunger

Source: Cassie Chandler/Grameen Foundation

Description: The project seeks to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities in disaster-affected regions of Burkina Faso by building women’s economic empowerment through a multi-sectoral integrated program. Community-based women’s savings groups are used as a sustainable platform for improving livelihoods through training, education on agriculture as a business, linkages to agricultural services, financing for common agricultural activities, and nutrition education.

The study aims to test whether these interventions will affect women’s empowerment and understand which particular aspects of the intervention contribute the greatest impact.


Project goal        


 Commodity focus  

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