CRS Nigeria

As of June 2017, this project is no longer part of the GAAP2 portfolio.

Project name: Feed the Future Nigeria Livelihoods Project

Institutions: Catholic Relief Services and Gender Innovation Lab World Bank

Country: Nigeria

Source: Feed the Future Nigeria

Source: Feed the Future Nigeria

Description: The Feed the Future Nigeria Livelihood Project matches vulnerable households and communities with the skills they need to engage effectively in the local economy to reduce poverty and malnutrition. A variety of women’s groups (producer, savings, safe spaces, caregiver) have been established. Through these groups, women are trained on establishing home gardens, enterprise, credit, and income generation, and a monthly cash transfer is given to female heads of extremely vulnerable households. Each beneficiary household receives individualized support from a trained community liaison, and the project engages with men, traditional leaders, and other key influencers to create an enabling environment for women and girls to participate.


Project goal        


 Commodity focus  

   crops   cow