Land O’ Lakes (Mozambique)

Mozambique Smallholder Dairy Development Program (MSDDP), Land O' Lakes, Mozambique

The MSDDP in Manica Province has two primary objectives: 1) rebuilding Mozambique’s dairy industry to meet market demand and 2) increasing incomes for smallholder farmers by participating in a sustainable dairy value chain. The program provides inputs (dairy cows), trainings (fodder crop and pasture management, animal husbandry), and assistance in establishment of producer cooperatives, milk collection centers and marketing campaigns.
  • Key questions LOL will look at as part of GAAP   
  1. In an asset distribution program where the asset (dairy cow) is registered in the name of the head of household, what direct and indirect benefits and constraints do women experience? Does the registration of the asset to the head of household play a role in women’s experiences? What are the forms of asset ownership? What does it mean to own an asset?
  2. Dairy cows were distributed to 193 households. For accountability purposes, the cow was registered in the name of the head of household (87 percent male, 13 percent female). In cases where the cow is registered in the name of a male head of household, what decision-making roles do women play in the care and use of the cow? In which matters do women have a decision-making role (e.g. cattle management, land, milk)? Who manages milk income?
  3. How is income earned from the asset actually allocated? To what extent is it used to purchase additional assets? In cases where women control asset income (e.g. milk income), and income is used to purchase additional assets, who owns the newly purchased asset(s)? How does the earning potential of the asset change the way in which the earned income is managed (e.g., if the asset is an improved breed dairy cow earning higher income, is income management different)? Have changes in commodity marketing (e.g. milk) options altered how asset income is controlled?


Power Point presentation for final technical workshop - January 2013

Project Note - "The Importance of Gender in a 'Gender Blind' Asset Transfer Program: Lessons From Dairy Development in Mozambique - November 2013


  • GAAP core team members working with LOL:  Jemimah Njuki and Elizabeth Waithanji