KickStart International (Tanzania & Kenya)

KickStart International,Tanzania and Kenya

The objective of the KickStart project is to lift poor farmers out of poverty through increased yields and crop production achieved through manually operated, low cost, micro-irrigation treadle pumps. Indirect benefits of pumps may also include improve hygiene, sanitation, health and nutrition. Information about the pumps is disseminated via radio, TV, printed media and public demonstrations. Pumps are marketed through local businesses and NGOs.  The GAAP project is collaborating with KickStart to better understand the gender dynamics of who purchases and controls pumps as well as the intrahousehold effects of pump use on health and labor outcomes.
  • Key questions KickStart will look at as part of GAAP  

Kickstart treadle pump in action

  1. What constraints challenge acquisition and operation of KickStart pumps and how does this vary between men and women?
  2. What are the patterns of intrahousehold control of treadle pumps and how has this impacted on the livelihoods and income of men and women
  • GAAP core team members working with KickStart:  Amber Peterman, Jemimah Njuki, Elizabeth Waithanji



Power Point presentation at final technical workshop - January 2013

Project Note - "Do Women Control What They Grow? The Gendered Use of Kickstart's Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya and Tanzania" - November 2013