GAAP Conceptual Framework

The following is the GAAP conceptual framework was developed to understand the gendered pathways through which asset accumulation occurs, including attention to not only men's and women's assets but also those they jointlt control and own. Unlike previous frameworks, this model depicts the gendered dimensions of each component of the pathway in recognition of the evidence that men and women not only control, own, or dispose of assets in different ways, but also access, control, and own different kinds of assets.

The discussion paper on this conceptual framework is accessible here

A powerpoint overview of this conceptual framework is accessible here

See the Project Note (November 2013) on the conceptual framework.

Source: Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Nancy Johnson, Agnes Quisumbing, Jemimah Njuki, Julia Behrman, Deborah Rubin, Amber Peterman, and Elizabeth Waithanji