GAAP1 Findings

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

The following papers are published in peer-reviewed journals or as book chapters:

Johnson, N. L., Kovarik, C., Meinzen-Dick, R., Njuki, J. and Quisumbing, A. (2016). Gender, Assets, and Agricultural Development: Lessons from Eight Projects, World Development.

Roy, S., Ara, J., Das N., and Quisumbing, A. R. (2015). "Flypaper effects" in transfers targeted to women: Evidence from BRAC's "Targeting the Ultra Poor" program in Bangladesh, Journal of Development Economics. doi:10.1016/j.jdeveco.2015.06.004

Quisumbing, A.R., Rubin, D., Manfre, C., Waithanji, E., van den Bold, M., Olney, D., Johnson, N., et al. (2015). Gender, assets, and market-oriented agriculture: learning from high-value crop and livestock projects in Africa and Asia. Agriculture and Human Values.

Johnson, N., Njuki, J., Waithanji, E., Nhambeto, M., Rogers, M., Hutchinson Kruger, E. (2015). The Gendered Impacts of Agricultural Asset Transfer Projects: Lessons from the Manica Smallholder Dairy Development Program. Gender Technology and Development 19(2): 145-180.

van den Bold, M., Pedehombga, A., Ouedraogo, M., Quisumbing, A. R. and Olney, D. (2015).  Can integrated agriculture-nutrition programs change gender norms on land and asset ownership? Journal of Development Studies.

Njuki, J., Waithanji, E., Sakwa, B., Kariuki, J., Mukewa, E., Ngige, J. (2014). A qualitative assessment of gender and irrigation technology in Kenya and Tanzania. Gender Technology and Development 18(3): 303-340.

Meinzen-Dick, R., Johnson, N., Quisumbing, A.R., Njuki, J., Behrman, J.A., Rubin, D., Peterman, A., Waithanji, E. (2014) The Gender Asset Gap and Its Implications for Agricultural and Rural Development. In Gender in Agriculture: Closing the Knowledge Gap.

Olney, D., Pedehombga, A., Ruel, M., Dillon, A. (2015). A 2-Year Integrated Agriculture and Nutrition and Health Behavior Change Communication Program Targeted to Women in Burkina Faso Reduces Anemia, Wasting, and Diarrhea in Children 3-12.9 Months of Age At Baseline: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Nutrition.

Santos, F., Fletschner, D., Savath, V., Peterman, A. (2014). Can Government-Allocated Land Contribute to Food Security? Intrahousehold Analysis of West Bengal's Microplot Allocation Program. World Development 64: 860-872.


Project Notes:

Findings from each of the individual projects have been summarized in Project Notes, released in November 2013. Individual  Notes can be found on each of the respective project pages or by clicking on the links below. A Project Note on the Conceptual Framework is also available:

Full Collection of Project Notes

Conceptual Framework Project Note

BRAC Project Note

CARE Project Note

CSISA Project Note #1

CSISA Project Note #2

Harvest Plus Project Note

HKI Project Note

Kickstart Project Note

Landesa Project Note

Land O'Lakes Project Note


Discussion Papers:

IFPRI and CAPRi Discussion Papers from some of the projects have been released. Individual Discussion Papers can be found on each of the respective project pages or by clicking on the links below:

CARE Discussion Paper

CSISA Discussion Paper

CSISA-IRRI Discussion Paper

BRAC Discussion Paper

HKI Discussion Paper

Landesa Discussion Paper 

Land O Lakes Discussion Paper

Kickstart Discussion Paper

Harvest Plus Discussion Paper

Synthesis Paper - Gender, Assets, and Agricultural Development: Lessons from Eight Projects


Technical Guide:

Reducing the Gender Asset Gap Through Agricultural Development


External Evaluation:

Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project: end of project evaluation (Firetail 2014)