CSISA (South Asia)

Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA), South Asia

The CSISA project was launched in 2009 with the goal of reducing food and income insecurity in South Asia through accelerated development and deployment of new cereal varieties, sustainable crop and resource systems management practices, and better access to information.  The project includes widespread delivery and adaptation of production and postharvest technologies to increase cereal production and raise income; and promotion of (i) crop and resource management practices, and (ii) high-yielding, stress tolerant and disease-and insect resistant rice, wheat and maize varieties and hybrids.
Key questions CSISA will look at as part of GAAP   

Qualitative fieldwork as part of GAAP

  1. What assets (tangible and intangible) are important to men and women in order to sustain their livelihoods?
  2. Who has access to and control over these key assets/resources (how assets were acquired, who makes decision on when, how to use/dispose) ?
  3. What are the current or anticipated effects of the technologies/interventions under the CSISA project on men and women’s access to and control of these key assets?
  4. How do women and men respond or adjust to changes in the assets as a result of project interventions introduced by the CSISA project?

GAAP core team members working with CSISA: