GAAP2 Timeline

Year 1

  • Convene and appoint the GAAP2 team, Expert Advisory Committee (EAC), and main capacity building partners
  • Issue request for proposals, review proposals, and select projects to include in GAAP2
  • Prepare work plans for projects and issue contracts and collaborator agreements
  • Pilot pro-WEAI baselines and carry out early qualitative work
  • Workshop 1: Inception workshop

Year 2

  • Data analysis and validation and computation of pro-WEAI
  • Qualitative work to be conducted to validate pro-WEAI
  • Start midterm corrections or project innovations for selected partners
  • Workshop 2: Share WEAI baseline results and conduct training session on how to use pro-WEAI within projects

Year 3

  • Analysis of baseline data
  • Portfolio synthesis report
  • Continue midterm corrections or project innovations for selected partners
  • Learning event for stakeholders and possible users of pro-WEAI

Year 4

  • Pro-WEAI Round 2 based on refined questionnaire modules
  • Data analysis, validation and computation of pro-WEAI, and calculation of impact estimates
  • Qualitative work to be conducted to validate quantitative results
  • Start synthesis work on pro-WEAI and impact assessment components
  • Final technical workshop to discuss impact assessment results and pro-WEAI baseline and endline comparisons

Year 5

  • Launch guidelines for implementing and using pro-WEAI
  • Continue synthesis work on pro-WEAI and impact assessment components
  • External evaluation
  • International workshop on measuring women’s empowerment in agricultural development projects
  • Dissemination activities

On-going activities

  • Establish and support Project-Level WEAI Resource Center
  • Work with capacity building partners and CGIAR partners
  • Facilitate community of practice and cross-project learning