Capacity Building

GAAP2 will build the capacity of development professionals to use measures of women’s empowerment as a part of planning and monitoring and evaluating in agricultural development projects by:

  • Building the capacity of participating projects
  • Strengthening institutions that train researchers, M&E specialists, and technical staff of agricultural development organizations through the development of curriculum modules and other training materials

Building the capacity of participating programs

Capacity strengthening of organizations involved in GAAP2 will occur through ‘learning by doing’ and by belonging to the GAAP2 Community of Practice. Through their participation, programs will

  1. receive funding or in-kind support to adapt the WEAI for project-level use
  2. receive training in proven quantitative and qualitative methods for documenting gender issues related to use and control over productive assets
  3. learn to use the findings for development programming and adoption and adaptation of strategies
  4. network with other GAAP2 participants for cross-fertilization and learning

Institutional strengthening 

To enable the take-up of tools developed by GAAP2 beyond participating projects, GAAP2 is supporting the training of two CGIAR gender researchers and two African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) fellows. The CGIAR Fellows and AWARD placements have been assigned to relevant clusters of projects and will participate in the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

GAAP2 is also supporting institutions in South Asia and Africa, south of the Sahara to train M&E specialists and agricultural researchers by establishing a partnership with BRAC University (South Asia) and the Gender-Responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation (GREAT) program in Africa to develop curricula for certificate programs that use the pro-WEAI.

To ensure sustainability, we also plan to develop a virtual community of practice for those who apply the pro-WEAI beyond the GAAP2 project to share their experiences, questions, and emerging insights.