Land Matters for Women: Devex Campaign

When talking about asset ownership and control for smallholder farmers, land is one of the most important assets to consider. Owning, operating and controling land can influence food security, gender relations, the environment, economic development, conflict resolution, and transparency, among other things. Throughout September, the international development news and business site, Devex, is running a campaign entitled "Land Matters", which will highlight several of these issues.

The campaign showcases innovative solutions to land issues and advances a conversation that now involves smallholder farmers across Africa and other parts of the world as well as land experts, social entrepreneurs, business executives and government officials.

The campaign is being co-sponsored by PIM, the CGIAR program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets, and authors from IFPRI and CAPRi will be among the contributors, especially on the “Land Matters for Women” and “Land Matters for the Environment” themes. GAAP Principal Investigator Agnes Quisumbing contributes her thoughts on why we should care about women's land rights in a op-ed.

Visit the Land Matters site here, or participate in the conversation by tweeting #landmatters or by sharing, liking, and commenting on the coverage via the Devex LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ pages.