New Agriculturist Article: Tackling Gender Blindness in East African Dairy Development

A recent online article on New Agriculturist explores the East African Dairy Development (EADD) project, one of the projects in the GAAP portfolio.

 The article details the ambitious gender strategy EADD undertook beginning in 2008 to ensure that the project, which operates in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, explicitly incorporates gender.

Transforming thinking about gender was not easy and involved a variety of tactics, including trainings for country and regional staff and country gender working groups, the inclusion of gender indicators in project planning and budgets, the formal recognition of gender targets against which staff would be evaluated in appraisals, as well as engaging men in discussions on the role of women in dairy value chains. Training was also offered to farmer's groups, particularly women, on the benefits of becoming a shareholder in milk-chilling plants. While challenges still remain, particularly in attracting young women to dairying, the project has proved successful: As of June 2012, women made up 29 percent of dairy organization members, up from the 2008 figure of 14 percent.

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