Materials from mid term workshop avaliable online

The mid-term workshop of the Gender Agriculture and Assets Project (GAAP) was held between November 3rd and 6th at the BRAC center in Rajendrapur Bangladesh. Representatives from implementing teams and M&E partners of all portfolio projects were in attendance.  Over the course of three days project team members shared their progress to date, discussed challenges and potential mid-course adjustments, mapped their own projects into the GAAP conceptual framework and collaborated with other teams to discuss and define capacity building needs related to gender and assets.

We are happy to share materials from the mid term workshop online.  You can access presentations here and photos of the workshop  here.


Objectives of the workshop included:

  • Understanding of the GAAP’s refined conceptual framework and how each project fits within it.
  • Knowledge of the project vision and milestones  of overall project
  • Information on the status of each project and its position in relationship to overall project activities
  • Identification of opportunities and techniques for gendered midcourse adjustments, as needed
  • Understanding of the GAAP’s capacity building strategy for grantees and evaluation partners
  • Understanding of a dissemination and outreach strategy for sharing project results across projects and plan to synthesize lessons learned
  • Identification of plans for Year 2 (including how the comparative analysis will be handled).

Many thanks to the BRAC team for their excellent job organizing the workshop and to Joyce Wanderi and Ginette Mignot who also provided invaluable assistance.